Value-Added Defense Contractor

Our well-established, reputable, woman-owned small business supports all sizes of manufacturers up to and including TIER 1 prime contractors.  The goal is to BOTH simplify and grow our partners overall US Federal Government spares business.

Linmarr Associates has positioned itself as one of the fastest-growing, VALUE-ADDED SUPPLY CHAIN CONTRACTORS supporting the U.S. Federal Government / DOD.   We are experienced, financially stable, and more than capable of handling the largest, most complex Government contract.

Linmarr Associates provides NEW SPARES to the U.S. Federal Government via the DIBBS (DLA), NECO (NAVY), TACOM (ARMY), Fed Biz Ops (FBO) and DOD portals in support of all branches of the US military and the Warfighter.

Our Mission:                                                                                                    Driving Growth Via the Power of S.M.A.R.T. Partnerships

This proven Vendor Hit Rate Improvement / S.M.A.R.T. Partnership process benefits BOTH the US Government customer and our manufacturing partners.

Our focus on DRIVING GROWTH for our manufacturing partners.   We also concentrate on DRIVING EFFICIENCY, using VALUE-ADDED SUPPLY CHAIN METHODS and ECONOMIES OF SCALE.   Our goal is to remove costs from the value chain and place any remaining costs at the most efficient point possible in order to provide the best overall value solution on our joint bid.

Linmarr Associates removes the numerous pain points of the complex DLA / DOD spares process for our partners.  This includes our firm taking on all aspects relating to: 1) Solicitation finding   2) Bidding via EDI   3) Contract Negotiations   4) Contract Management   5) FAR Review/Flow Down   6) Mil-Spec Packaging (Bar Coding, RFID and UID labels)   7) WAWF/DD250 creation   8) DCMA origin inspection   9) VSM/Freight Consolidation and most importantly  10) Invoicing/Payment Management.  This shift of responsibilities reduces costs and eliminates redundancies for our manufacturing partners thereby improving profitability.

A proven S.M.A.R.T. Partnership significantly simplifies the complexities of the spares process:

    • Shipped on time, in bulk/standard commercial packaging

All Linmarr Associates Value-Added services are provided at ZERO COST TO OUR MANUFACTURING PARTNERS thus making our partnership program the S.M.A.R.T. solution.

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With 35+ years of experience, Linmarr Associates proudly serve the United States Government, and our fine men and women in uniform.

Feel free to Contact Us today to work with one of the fastest growing supply chain partners supporting the Federal Government and US military.