Value Added Services

Linmarr Associates hopes to be your VALUE-ADDED SUPPLY CHAIN PARTNER.

Our FOCUS is on: SYSTEMS, PEOPLE, and PROCESS to REMOVE COST from the supply chain and PROVIDE THE BEST VALUE SOLUTION to our customers on behalf of our vendor partners.

Value Added Services Include:

First Rate Customized Systems:


Our CUSTOMIZED COMPUTER SYSTEMS allow us to bid Government solicitations via Electronic Data Interface (EDI) in seconds versus an average of 2-3 minutes per quote on the Government DIBBS site. QUOTING MORE ITEMS, IN LESS TIME, RESULTS IN MORE ORDERS. This results in INCREASED REVENUES for Linmarr Associates and our vendor partners.

Competitive Feedback at Quote Entry:

We see PRIOR PURCHASE PRICE(S)VENDOR(S) PURCHASED FROM, AND QUANTITIES PURCHASED by the Government FOR YOUR SPECIFIIC ITEM, at time of quote entry.   This allows us to provide immediate feedback to our vendors, as well as provides us with the ability to sharpen our pencil and reduce our pricing where necessary to drive success and get orders.

Automated Capture Rate / Hit Rate Feedback:

This same system provides AUTOMATED FEEDBACK on CAPTURE/HIT RATE. In short order, hit rate improvements are realized, and capture rates improved.


Our VALUED-ADDED SALES PROCESSES focus on important items, such as automated bid matching and automated competitor targeting, as well as short- and long-term contract management. We also help vendors improve their capture rate on items using our automated feedback system and lost order reporting.


STRATEGIC SOURCING PROCESSES help the Government and our Tier 1 customers locate and procure their most difficult-to-find items at the lowest acquisition cost possible.


VALUE-ADDED QUALITY PROCESSES: Linmarr Associates is ISO 9001, 2008 compliant. We are authorized to ship product VIA Alternate Release Program with the Government Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) to speed up original contract processing and payment.


Our VALUE-ADDED OPERATIONAL PROCESSES AND MIL-SPEC PACKAGING SERVICES provide key oversight in the areas of Receiving Inspection, Quality Interface, and presentation of product to Government Quality Assurance Representatives (QARs). We provide Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) and VSM Freight Management system via an EDI Interface, eliminating waste from the supply chain. We provide in-house bar coding, RFID, kitting, freight consolidation and Mil-Spec Packaging services. All leads to a streamlined efficient process with minimal waste.

Contact us today for our success in bringing value-added services to the supply chain, increasing hit/capture rates and reducing costs.  As a value-added supply chain partner, we proudly serve the United States Government, Tier 1 Primes, and our fine men and women in uniform.