About Us


Supporting the Troops

Linmarr Associates got its start nearly 40 years ago as a defense contractor and has since expanded that role to serve as supply chain partner for the U.S. Government and military, as well as Tier 1 primes. The quality work we do supports the men and women in uniform, and is the result of our experienced and capable leadership and dedicated employees.

Linmarr Associates has sold products to every branch of the military in a number of diverse programs in support of the Warfighter. During this long history, we also have provided products to other Government entities, such as the Department of Energy, Homeland Security, and the State Department, as well as local Government units and numerous Tier 1 prime contractors.

Our FOCUS is the SOURCING of HARD-to-FIND ITEMS from our proprietary database compiled from more than 30 years of operating history, while adding value and maximizing efficiency. This is especially important because our efforts support the fine men and women of the U.S. military.

We take pride in supporting the men and women in uniform that protect the very freedoms that we enjoy daily.


Our History

Founded in Chicago, IL, Linmarr Associates got its start in 1983 manufacturing fabricated military vehicle parts for the U.S. Government. In 1984, our Las Vegas location opened. This location focused on distribution and manufactured items, primarily in the military vehicle market.   The Chicago manufacturing location was closed in 2002 after the passing of one of our company’s founders.

In 2010, the business was purchased by Sharon and Ken Hoffman, who believed in what Linmarr Associates had been and what it could become. Under new ownership, the company was relocated from Las Vegas to Irvine in Orange County, CA.

After a significant investment in SYSTEMS, PEOPLE, and PROCESS, the business flourished, reaching booked revenue levels approaching $15 million by our third year, and reaching $36MM+ by year 6.

Since the purchase in 2010, Linmarr Associates market focus has broadened significantly from the historical focus on military vehicles to include:

  • Aircraft Parts
  • Weapons Systems/Gun Parts
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Parts
  • Electronics
  • General Industrial Parts
  • Base Maintenance Items
  • Military Hardware
  • Medical
  • Personal Items for Soldiers

We have become one of the fastest growing Government contractors in the United States. Our sights are clearly set on continued growth to $100 million and beyond – primarily through SMART vendor partnership opportunities.

Contact us today for more information about becoming a SMART parnter to significantly grow your DLA/US Military business.  As a value-added supply chain partner, we proudly serve the United States Government, Tier 1 Primes, and our fine men and women in uniform.About Us Test Slide